Flavor - Sweet, spicy, anise, cloves Nutrition - Good source of vitamin A, calcium & iron
Usage - Add to sauces, salads, dips, stuffings, vegetables, bruschettas, pizzas, pastas, salsas & any tomato creation. Great for pestos. Combine with other herbs like oregano, thyme & parsely.
Storage - Protect from cold
Flavor - Onion with a hint of garlic Nutrition - Good source of vitamns A, C & K, calcium, iron & potassium
Usage - Add to soups, marinades, dips & pastas. Sprinkle atop mashed potatoes, devilled eggs, steaks & grilled veggies. Whole chives make an attractive garnish for plates & party platters.
Storage - Keep cool
Flavor - Strong, sharp, lemon, pepper, bitter
Nutrition - Good source of vitamns A, C & K, calcium, iron & folate
Usage - Chopped fresh oregano leaves are wonderful for tomato sauces, pizzas, salsas, soups, chilis & bean salads. Oregano pairs well with poultry, egg, pork & seafood dishes.
Storage - Protect from cold 
Flavor - Pine, lemon, woody
Nurition - Good source of vitamins A & C, calcium, iron, folate & manganese
Usage - Rosemary complements beef tenderloin, lamb chops, sausage, roasted potatoes & grilled chicken, Use fresh rosemary sprigs as grilling skewers, basting brushes & plate garnishes.
Storage - Keep cool
Flavor - Bright, tangy, hints of fennel, grass, lemon, parsley & pine
Nutrition - Good source of vitamins A, B6 & C, calcium, iron, porassium & folate
Usage - Use fresh dill in salmon & white fish dishes, pickling, omelettes, dips, sauces, peas & other veggies, chicken recipes, potato salads & cucumber salads.
Storage - Keep cool


Flavor - Cool, peppery & sweet
Nutrition - Good source of vitamins A & C, calcium & iron
Usage - Teas, mojitos, juleps, lemonades. Jellies, chutneys, fruit salads, sweet salsas, candies & pestos. Mint complements lamb, coconut, curry & lemon. Mint is also lovely with fresh pea recipes.
Storage - Keep cool
Flavor - Earthy, lemons, cloves
Nutrition - Good source of vitamins A & C, calcium, iron & copper
Usage - Thyme sprigs add flavor to sauces, stocks, beans & soups. Insert thyme sprigs underneath skin when roasting chicken or turkey. Use chopped thyme leaves with salmon, carrots & other veggies, savory baked goods, chicken entrees, chicken soups & chicken pot pies. Thyme pairs well with oregano.
Storage - Keep cool
Flavor - Licorice
Nurition - Good source of iron, potassium, calcium & vitamin C
Usage  - Refreshing & summery tarragon leaves are an excellent choice for chicken salads & potato salads. Pairs well with fish, shellfish, mushrooms & pork too. Use in vinaigrettes & marinades.
Storage - Keep cool
Flavor - Lemon, mint, pine
Nurition - Good source of vitamins A & C 
Usage - Delicious with turkey, chicken, pork, sausage, potatoes, sauces & stuffings. Use to flavor brown butter sauce for raviolis. Fry sage leaves, sprinkle with sea salt, and serve them as an added garnish to sage-inspired dishes. 
Storage - Keep cool
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